811.34553B/6–646: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Portugal (Baruch)

top secret
us urgent

572. Urtel 506 June 6.45 Dept has no objection to proposed Portuguese White Paper. Dept will release simultaneously in Washington and without comment text of (a) Amb’s note to Dr. Salazar dated May 30 containing terms of May 30 agreement; (b) Timor note, Portuguese acknowledgement of Timor note, text of Santa Maria agreement and text of informal letter concerning “control”—all of which were sent under cover of Emb Despatch No. 1210 Nov. 30, 1944;46 (c) supplemental accords to Santa Maria agreement exchanged on July 23, 1945 forwarded in Emb Despatch No. 311 of Jul. 27, 1945 including Amb’s letter to Dr. Salazar of Jul. 23, four accords and Crocker’s two letters of Jul. 23 to Mathias.47

Dept is agreeable to release on June 10, or on any other day Portuguese Govt prefers, and suggests for convenience (Deptel 563 June 548) that 6 pm EST be agreed as hour of release.

  1. Not printed; it reported that the Portuguese proposed to issue a White Paper giving full text of the May 30 agreement and previous Santa Maria and Lagens agreements (811.34553B/6–646).
  2. Despatch 1210 not printed, but for texts of the enclosures, see Department of State, Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 2338; United States Treaties and Other International Agreements, vol. 2 (pt. 2) p. 2124.
  3. Despatch 311 and enclosures not printed. The supplementary accords were not released to the press in either the United States or Portugal.
  4. Not printed.