811.34553B/5–2846: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Portugal (Baruch)

top secret
us urgent

542. For Culbertson. You are authorized to agree to the Portuguese proposals set forth in their note of May 26 which you conveyed by teletype on Monday38 from Santa Maria.

The War Dept. suggests39 that our acceptance should include the following understandings:

  • “(a) Ceremony on 2 June which turns over title of U.S. installations to Portugal will be followed by detailed inventory of actual fixed installations involved.
  • (b) Many details remain to be worked out pursuant to the general principles of the Portuguese proposal (particularly does it seem desirable to expand sub-paragraph e, either in exchange of notes or by supplementary working agreement, to give further assurance of safe and efficient operational standards).
  • (c) We assume that Portugal will sympathetically consider continued use of the Azores by U.S. military aircraft beyond the 18 months period contemplated in this agreement if it is mutually agreed at that time that further U.S. occupational commitments so require.”

We believe that these understandings can be handled by you in such a way as to avoid prolonged negotiations with the Portuguese. They might if necessary take the form of unilateral statements by you in connection with the exchange of notes.

  1. May 27.
  2. Memorandum dated May 28, 1946, to the Department of State.