811.34553B/5–1846: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Portugal (Baruch)

top secret
us urgent

510. Urtel 444, May 18.28 For Culbertson from Hickerson. After studying ur 433 of May 16, and while waiting a report on Portuguese reaction, we have reviewed all drafts and revisions to date and are telegraphing separately text of draft, as agreed with War and Navy Depts,29 for use in your discussions. When you present this to Portuguese you should make it clear that this is only a working draft and that any agreement on final terms must be subject to our approval over here. You will note from this working draft that we wish to include only essential principles with a minimum of detail. This draft is subject to comments contained in Deptel 449 May 3.30 Please comment urgently.

Since it is our understanding of agreed instructions that British would conduct parallel negotiations for use of Lagens airport at same time and similar to our negotiations for use of Santa Maria, we would appreciate an urgent report on British negotiations with a copy or substance of draft agreement they are using. As you know, the satisfaction of US requirements at Lagens is predicated on successful negotiations between British and Portuguese to include US use. [Hickerson.]

  1. Not printed.
  2. See infra.
  3. Not printed; in its comments the Department suggested many changes in draft such as omission of certain paragraphs, changes in wording, etc. (811.34553B/5–346).