811.34553B/5–1446: Telegram

The Ambassador in Portugal (Baruch) to the Secretary of State

top secret
us urgent

425. To Hickerson from Culbertson. Warm letter has been received from Minister of War to Kuter in reply to our letter of May 6 which transmitted “working paper”, copies of which should be in your hands.

Minister said substantially that further discussion of working paper would not be profitable until proper political orientation is provided by agreement to principles that may be established by our reply to Salazar’s last paper.

Bearer of Minister’s letter indicated that Salazar had suspended discussion of working paper and may have spoken severely to Minister to get him on the beam.

Significant, however, is the fact that the emissary stated that the one point sticking in the Portuguese craw is the Jim Crow suggestion in proposal that certain American facilities be reserved for Americans. Even then the emissary indicated that that item could be [Page 977] handled separately and informally. It naturally would not be sticky as to modification or elimination of that item.

We are now grinding out the next paper to Salazar under constant pessimistic comment by O’Malley. We are keeping him in position of responsibility and avoiding grounds whereby he might step out from under. To date every known action of his, however, indicates wholehearted strong support and cooperation.

Expect to get our views to Salazar on Wednesday May 15. [Culbertson.]