811.24556A/10–1446: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Netlierlands (Hornbeck)


678. Re FonOff reply contained you’re A–174 Oct 14 Dept desires consult Neth Govt on question disposal installations and equipment Zandery Field. Pan American Airways now operates Zandery thru subsidiary company under contract with Surinam Govt to maintain and operate until 1976, with option in Surinam Govt to buy out PAA’s interest in 1951. It appears that contractual obligations on part US Govt necessitate leaving fixed installations in possession PAA during period PAA’s operation Zandery. If Neth Govt has no objections to PAA operation, US Govt proposes leaving all fixed installations Zandery in possession PAA. If on other hand Neth Govt intends operate Zandery and expects purchase installations from US Govt (as implied your A–174, Oct 14), please advise immediately.

With specific reference our request for transit rights military aircraft Zandery during period occupation Europe, Dept requests info on (1) whether Neth Govt aware PAA’s contractual rights and obligations; (2) whether Neth Govt intends continue PAA operation, or, as possible alternative, to purchase fixed installations Zandery from PAA rather than from US Govt.