845.00/12–246: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in the United Kingdom (Gallman)

us urgent

7996. In press conference today I made following statement on India:

“The United States awaits with deep concern the outcome of the current talks in London between the Indian political leaders and the British Government. I feel most strongly that it will be in the interest of India, as well as that of all the whole world, for its leaders to grasp this opportunity to establish a stable and peaceful India.

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The crux of the internal problem now confronting India appears to arise from differences of opinion between the two principal parties as to the conditions under which provinces can elect to join or remain out of sub-federations in northwest and northeast India. I am confident that if the Indian leaders show the magnanimous spirit the occasion demands, they can go forward together on the basis of the clear provisions on this point contained in the constitutional plan proposed by the British Cabinet Mission last spring to forge an Indian federal union in which all elements of the population have ample scope to achieve their legitimate political and economic aspirations.

The United States has long taken a sympathetic interest in the progressive realization of India’s political destiny. It has welcomed the forward-looking spirit behind the comprehensive programs of industrial and agricultural advancement recently formulated in that country. Lastly, by our recent establishment of full diplomatic relations with the interim government of India, we have expressed in tangible form our confidence in the ability of the Indian leaders to make the vital decisions that lie immediately ahead with full awareness that their actions at this moment in history may directly affect world peace and prosperity for generations to come.”

Please transmit copies this statement appropriate Brit authorities52 and Indian leaders.

Difficulties establishing informal contact Indian leaders (urtel 9849 Dec 2) appreciated but if at all feasible suggest you convey text press statement personally Nehru and Jinnah and if opportunity offers elaborate US position along lines last two paragraphs Deptel 7979 Nov 30.

Delhi requested take parallel action in transmitting press statement personally to Weightman53 and Vallabhai Patel and in discussing US position with Patel.

Sent London, repeated New Delhi.54

  1. Telegram 9912, December 5, from London, transmitted the text of a brief note from Mr. Attlee expressing his appreciation for being sent a copy of Mr. Acheson’s statement (845.00/12–546).
  2. Hugh Weightman, Secretary, External Affairs Department, Government of India.
  3. As telegram 897.