865.00/2–22416: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

935. See my 933 today. De Gasperi emphasized that not only was it his wish but that it was also the interest of Italy to find some solution of the problem which would be agreeable to the American Govt. The internal political situation however which confronted him (with special reference to attitude of the Socialists and Communists) rendered his task extremely difficult and he added that if only Bevin had been willing to tell Nenni that a referendum or plebiscite was indicated, the way would have been much easier.

In general, I might say that with full admission of the principle of non-interference in the internal politics of another country, it would seem that once we have assumed a responsibility for the establishment of a democratic form of govt through the free expression of the popular will, we might find it possible to facilitate the efforts of elements tending to that end by some means more efficacious than the statement of generalities and the emission of pious wishes (see my 438 of Jan 2599). On that basis I hope that the Dept will view with sympathy De Gasperi’s appeal for guidance.

A reply is urgent.

  1. Not printed; it informed the Department that observations concerning elections in Italy had been communicated to De Gasperi (865.00/1–2546).