845.00/11–3046: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in the United Kingdom (Gallman)

us urgent

7979. Dept deeply concerned serious deterioration Indian political situation and believes any halt in constitutional progress there may well cause widespread chaos similar China which would last for many years and could have worldwide repercussions. U.S. also looks forward mutually advantageous economic relations with stable peaceful united India in which all elements population including Muslims have ample scope realize their legitimate political and economic aspirations. It is in interest of all UN that early and amicable settlement Indian constitutional problem be reached and that Indians grasp this historic opportunity start on road political stability and economic well-being. Dept believes decisions Indian leaders will affect world peace and prosperity for many future generations.

In light foregoing Emb requested cable fully progress impending London talks using both Brit and Indian sources. Informal contact should be established Indian leaders for this purpose. As opportunities offer Emb might in its discretion impress upon Indian leaders particularly Nehru and Jinnah deep interest U.S. in successful conclusion talks pointing out U.S. has long taken sympathetic interest [Page 98]progressive realization Indian political aspirations and has also welcomed forward-looking spirit behind programs social and economic advancement recently formulated in India.

For Emb’s confidential info Dept believes it would be wise for Congress as most powerful party to accept Brit and Muslim League interpretation those features Brit constitutional plan pertaining compulsory groupings of provinces northeast and northwest India by majority decisions of appropriate representatives of constituent Assembly. Though this might mean downfall present Congress govts Assam and NWFP these areas have little economic importance and their strategic significance would in any event enable Indian Union Govt through defense and foreign affairs powers to concern itself with developments there.

Dept believes concession by Congress this point would probably bring Muslim League into Constituent Assembly and might also be basis for League’s public acceptance Brit constitutional scheme as providing adequately for legitimate Muslim aspirations and for undertaking by League it would cooperate loyally within framework Indian Union subject only to proviso re re-opening constitutional question after 10 years experiment.

Sent London rptd Delhi.50

  1. As telegram 893.