740.00119 Control (Italy)/9–1346: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Soviet Union (Durbrow)52a


1651. Pls inform FonOff that in consultation with UK this Govt has decided Allied Force Headquarters should assume remaining functions Allied Commission in Italy, which relate primarily to control Ital armed forces, administration DP camps and responsibility for certain activities Allied Military Govt in Venezia Giulia and Udine, and that Allied Commission should be abolished forthwith. In this Govt’s view, there appears no reason await formal signature Ital revised armistice before proceeding as above.

This Govt desires views Soviet Govt and hopes latter will consent immediate abolition Allied Commission.53

  1. Sent also to Paris as No. 4813.
  2. In telegram 3485, September 16, Mr. Durbrow reported that the Soviet Foreign Office had that day been informed by the British as well as by the Americans of the decision to liquidate the Allied Commission for Italy and that Soviet reaction would be reported as soon as received (740.00119 Control (Italy)/9–1646).