740.00119 EW/7–1546

The Acting Secretary of State to the War Shipping Administrator (Conway)

My Dear Captain Conway: Thank you for your letter of July 15, 194650 quoting from a communication received by you from the Ministry of War Transport, London, through the British Merchant Shipping Mission, on the subject of control of Italian merchant shipping. Your courtesy in communicating this information to the Department is appreciated.

Entry into effect of the revised Italian Armistice terms, as agreed upon by the Council of Foreign Ministers, is awaiting the signature of these terms by the Italian Government. As stated in the letter addressed to you by the Acting Secretary of State on May 15,50 the revised terms do not provide for continuation under the Cunningham–DeCourten agreement of the control of Italian merchant shipping operations, which will accordingly terminate when the revised terms enter into effect.

In response to your inquiry regarding the continuation of the general direction and control exercised over Italian merchant shipping by the Rome Shipping Committee under the authority of the Cunning-ham-DeCourten agreement, the Department considers that continuation of this control is not in harmony with the general policy of this Government toward Italy, and not necessary for the protection of the interests of the United States.

In my letter addressed to you on July 2550 there were set forth the Department’s views with respect to the obtaining of undertakings [Page 860] from the Italian Government regarding the employment of Italian merchant shipping.

Sincerely yours,

For the Acting Secretary of State:
William L. Clayton
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