740.00119 Control (Germany)/1–1246: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser for Germany ( Murphy )


202. Your 104 and 105 Jan 1245 Following are Dept’s comments on Report of Finance Division:

Dept believes Swiss Govt will be found to have charged cost repatriation military internees against German Govt funds blocked [Page 806] Switzerland. Delivery of message to other neutrals suggesting they pay cost repatriation German military internees or other Germans up to frontiers of Germany and that they might make claims against Germany at a future date would in Dept’s opinion in view situation Spain be surest way of ensuring release of military internees from internment in Spain forthwith since Spanish Govt already has expressed desire collect costs of interning these persons for period commencing 6 months after German surrender. Position of Spanish Govt is that Allied Govts should have repatriated this personnel promptly after German surrender and that delays have compelled it to keep individuals interned longer than duties of neutrals require. Dept notes that Soviet Govt without question provided facilities for repatriation military internees in Sweden at its own expense.

Dept questions qualification of Finland as neutral country.

Military internees Eire all repatriated except certain escapees not yet found by police. No military internees known to exist in Afghanistan or Portugal.

Paragraph 4 of report overlooks fact that Control Council Powers have authorized use diplomatic funds German Govt in neutral countries for purposes management and repatriation. Such funds were in custody of Allied representatives prior to vesting decree and have not been considered as falling directly under that decree.

  1. Neither printed.