862.20252/1–746: Telegram

The Chargé in Spain (Butterworth) to the Secretary of State


28. In further conversation between British and this Embassy officers and FonMin Emtel 7, January 2 London 1 Berlin 1 Minister agreed to permit expulsion with Germans of at least certain espionage agents of other nationalities now interned and to try to speed up examination of their records on our 255 candidates for repatriation named to Minister of which they hope to have further 55 in two areas in addition to 44 already named to US for tentative removal January 25 by plane. FonMin agreed to add at once as well members of Abwehr, Gestapo SD and SS of whom we have sure knowledge.

Minister agreed to remove all 1253 customs guards via train (Emtel 21, January 5 London 7 Berlin 3 Paris 7) tentatively set for January 31 if USFET can provide train from Hendaye or Irun.

British and our officers received impression that Embassy recommendation that we cover costs internment and our preparations for speedy removal customs guards, as well as plans for prompt removal others has created more favorable atmosphere on part of Minister toward whole repatriation scheme which of course can only be put to the test but should be as soon as possible.

Repeated London as 10 Paris as 5 Lisbon by pouch. London please relay to Berlin as Embassy’s 4.