740.00119 Control (Germany)/1–246: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy)


2. It will soon be four months since Control Council passed its resolution19 regarding recall of German officials, agents and obnoxious persons from neutral countries. Information reaching Dept indicates that compliance has been complete in Afghanistan, moderately satisfactory in Sweden, partial in Switzerland and negligible in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the Vatican. It is to be borne in mind, however, that Spanish Govt at least can allege that no actual facilities for repatriation of Germans have been offered.

Consider in connection with this problem Bern’s 4919, Dec. 4 to Dept repeated to you as 89; Lisbon’s 2329 Dec 4 to Dept repeated to you; Amvat 225, Nov 21, to Dept repeated to you; Madrid’s 2363, Nov 21 repeated to you as 40; Madrid’s 2428, Nov 30 repeated to you as 69; Madrid’s despatch no. 1176, Nov 15 copy of which was sent you; and Madrid’s despatch 1140 Nov 10 copy of which was sent you.20 Dublin does not appear to have repeated relevant telegrams to you but has been unable to elicit from Eire Govt any indication of cooperation in this matter.

Jan 10 may be appropriate date for some statement by Control Council preparatory to subsequent efforts to arouse world opinion in behalf of repatriation of obnoxious Germans from neutral states. Please consult your colleagues informally in this sense and unless your and their reactions are negative initiate action in this sense.

Repeated to London as Dept’s 8.

  1. The text of the Resolution of the Allied Control Council for Germany, dated September 10, 1945, is quoted in circular telegram of September 17, 1945, ibid., p. 808.
  2. None printed.