740.00119 Council/6–2646: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State, at Paris

niact   urgent

3138. Secdel 365. For Secretary from Clayton and Hilldring. We concur in your 63696 to limit or avoid side discussions of coal problem at present meeting. We are advising Brit of this and propose suggesting that a subsequent meeting wholly apart from issues facing CFM would be more appropriate. In suggesting such postponement to [Page 786] French and Brit urge you stress serious view Dept takes of coal problem. In fact, coal shortage is major single obstacle to Eur recovery economic stability at this time. Dept has stressed to France desire to help in all possible ways and to Brit serious view we take of their responsibilites in Ruhr. Most anxious there be no relaxation of interest or pressure either direction.

For your information, there are broadly three issues:

Increase of Ruhr coal production. Only part of this problem within competence of OMGUS. For remainder it requires governmental collaboration with Brit as well as pressure on Brit to improve and tighten management. This is not a problem on which the Eur coal organization can be helpful.
Problem of allocation of coal supply as between Germany and export. This is properly problem of Allied Control Authority except to extent that disagreements there have passed issue to Govt level. This also is outside competence of ECO on which Allied Control Authority is unrepresented.
Allocation of German, US and other export coal supplies. This is purely problem for ECO.

For your further information two of most urgent production measures are prompt restoration of miner’s rations as already agreed in principle and maximum allocation from present Ruhr steel production for rehabilitation of mines. [Clayton and Hilldring.]

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