The Department of State to the British Embassy


Mr. John Kenneth Galbraith94 of the Department of State and Mr. Thomas Blaisdell, Chief of the Mission of Economic Affairs, London, conferred with Mr. Mark Turner of the Control Office for Germany in London two weeks ago. The purpose of the discussion was to explore a number of points of concern to the United States Government relating to German coal production.

Mr. Turner stated that steps would shortly be taken to restore the food rations of Ruhr miners to the levels that prevailed prior to the reduction las March first. He stated that this step would be taken as soon as the food position in the British Zone of Germany looked reasonably secure, or, more specifically, when June deliveries of food were assured. He added that steps would also be taken to improve the quality of the miners’ rations.

Mr. Turner and Mr. Galbraith explored generally the question of increasing steel supplies for the mines and providing incentive goods for the miners. Mr. Galbraith stressed the importance of maximizing the amount of steel available for mine supplies, equipment, and mine use from German sources. Mr. Galbraith raised with Mr. Turner the possibility of supplementing German supplies from external sources although stating that no detailed conclusions had been reached as to program or procedure.

In order to increase the incentive to German miners, Mr. Turner and Mr. Galbraith agreed on the desirability of expressing the principle that increases in coal production, as they occurred, should be shared between Germany and export. Mr. Turner suggested the desirability of further discussions especially on steps to increase the supply of steel and incentive goods for miners. He indicated that advantage might be taken of the presence of principals at the conference in Paris.

Following the discussions with Mr. Turner, Mr. Galbraith, in accordance with an understanding reached with Mr. Turner, conveyed the sense of these discussions to M. Monnet and M. Alphand, representing the French Government in Paris. Both M. Monnet and M. Alphand expressed their cordial approval of the steps proposed, and M. Alphand concurred in the desirability of enunciating the allocation principle just cited.

The Department of State attaches great importance to the desirability of increasing coal production in Germany and believes that action along the lines indicated above, will provide substantial impetus [Page 785] to greater production. The Department of State hopes especially to be informed in the near future of action to increase miners’ rations as indicated.

  1. Director of the Office of Economic Security Policy.