811.42700 (R)/12–446: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Mr. Donald Heath, Chargé in the Office of the United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy)


2402. Urtel 2794 Dec 4.16 Dept feels frequently allocation for Munich relay project must be referred in first instance to quadripartite consideration. Probable complications and delays resulting from this decision have been taken into consideration. Dept also feels that since some of frequencies now proposed are being used by other European countries, in particular Yugo and Poland, there should be reexamination of frequencies selection in order to avoid direct interference with existing broadcast channels. Dept considers that slight loss in overall flexibility our radio coverage from Munich if clear frequencies are used preferable to inevitable political complications created by interfering frequencies already used by other countries.17

Sent to Berlin 2402; repeated Munich as 450; Paris as 6330.

  1. Not printed; it recommended proceeding with the Munich relay broadcasting project without seeking quadripartite approval, in order to avoid anticipated Soviet opposition. It was understood that the British and French Governments would give their consent. (811.42700 (R)/12–446.
  2. Telegram 2890, December 13, from Berlin, summarized the action taken on this subject as follows: “US modification of Munich relay project given today to Russians at meeting of four power representatives. US representative stated, ‘US govt is opening up a radio station at Munich for relay on short wave.’ Soviet representative asked, ‘Is this for relay of programs from the states?’ US representative replied, ‘Yes.’ Soviet delegate said, ‘It’s a good idea.’ No comment at meeting on subject from British or French.” (811.42700 (R)/12–1346.