862.00/11–2246: Telegram

Mr. Donald Heath, Chargé in the Office of the United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy), to Mr. Murphy

top secret

2694. Personal for Ambassador Murphy only. Mytel 2685 November 21. Solution now proposed concurred in by Keating and Parkman11 is that announcement be made morning December 2 that Military Government is undertaking an investigation of Josef Mueller’s whole past and political suitability. That in the meantime he will be suspended by CSU and Landtag positions and that he will be charged before Tribunal on Abwehr membership. Plan has merit that it meets General Muller’s points and that it does not finally close door until complete enquiry is terminated. Allusion would be made in announcement to events in Mueller’s past and to certain of his present political practices which require investigation. We are only a little doubtful about the proposed denazification proceedings since in this one instance Mueller seems to have acted honestly and failure to take earlier action rests with Military Government. He may be cleared by the court as a martyr which might [make?] it more difficult to eliminate him for justifiable causes which would be excluded from Tribunal’s competence. Otherwise the plan seems eminently fair and forthright. OMGUS considering notifying Clay but in the meantime the above is still for your personal information only and for your comments to us which we would welcome.

  1. Brig. Gen. Henry Parkman, Governmental Affairs Adviser, OMGUS.