The Department of State to the British Embassy

top secret


This is in reply to the British Embassy’s aide-mémoire of September 19, 1946,1 requesting information concerning plans of this Government with respect to leading German scientists and technicians.

This Government has recently approved extension of the interim program, initiated in consultation with British authorities, for the exploitation of German specialists. The military services have now [Page 695] been authorized to bring to the U.S. for military exploitation on a voluntary basis a number of German specialists, not to exceed 1000, including specialists already allocated to this country under the iterim program. Members of specialists’ immediate families may also be brought to this country under the extended program. It is hoped that at a later date, some of these specialists will become available for work in furthering U.S. civilian technology.

The following information is furnished in response to the specific questions contained in Paragraph 2 of the British Embassy’s aide-mémoire of September 19, 1946:

At present, this Government has no plans for similar additional transfers.
The classes of scientists and technicians to be brought to the United States will be the same as heretofore under the interim program. Existing allocation agreements, made by the Combined Chiefs of Staff, of course remain in effect.
Persons with objectionable political records will be excluded.
It is intended to make use of the technical qualifications of all the specialists brought to this country under the program.

  1. Not printed.