851.001/1–1846: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State

top secret

289. Palewski6 told me last night that it is possible that General de Gaulle7 may give up his office in view of the maneuvers of Communists and others in and out of the Assembly to eliminate him.

“However,” said Palewski, “if he does resign, it will be to take the fight to the country. He is not willing to turn over France to the Communists without making a desperate effort to prevent it.”

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Palewski added, however, “Of course, this may never happen. I hope it does not, but I thought you should know what is in the General’s mind.”

  1. Gaston Palewski, Directeur de Cabinet to General de Gaulle.
  2. Gen. Charles de Gaulle, since November 13, 1945, the President of the Provisional Government of the French Republic.