740.00119 EW/6–1246

The Department of State to the British Embassy

top secret


The Department of State refers to the British Embassy’s memorandum dated June 12, 1946 with respect to the freedom of passage through the entrances to the Baltic and to the exchange of views on this subject between Mr. Bevin and Mr. Byrnes which occurred in the months of January and February of the present year.

The United States Government is in general agreement with the provisions of the proposed protocol on the right of free passage through the Sound and the Big and Little Belts which was enclosed with the memorandum, and, insofar as practicable, is desirous of pursuing a common line with the British Government in any future [Page 398] discussion of this subject. This Government considers, however, that it may be desirable to review its position on the matter in order to take into account the factors existing at the time when the question on the entrances to the Baltic may be raised.9a

  1. Apparently no further action was taken regarding Bornholm during 1946.