840.811/3–1546: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy)


720. For Rainey from Radius. For your info War Dept has transmitted message to Clay30 along following lines which Radius discussed [Page 232]with you: State desires development of closer interzonal coordination in problems involving Rhine traffic and better arrangements for handling problems between zones and other riparian states. Believe previous ECITO proposal re IRNA too formalized, too rigid and deficient on interzonal arrangements.

Therefore suggest that US, British and French zonal authorities cooperate on establishment of tripartite interzonal traffic committee whose respective representatives would be able to deal authoritatively with Rhine traffic problems; be fully authorized to make arrangements for operation of watercraft equipment and service under jurisdiction of each zone; and represent German Rhine in dealing with representatives of other riparian states on international problems on interim Rhine Working Committee. Unified interzonal position desirable in dealing with other riparians. ECITO and CRC also to be represented on IRWC. US zone authorities to keep War Dept informed. (Reur 788, Mar 15.31)

Sent to Berlin repeated to London for Blaisdell and Russell and Paris for Merchant. [Radius.]

  1. Lt Gen. Lucius D. Clay, Deputy Military Governor, US zone of occupation in Germany; US member, Coordinating Committee, Allied Control Council for Germany; Commanding General, Office of Military Government of the United States for Germany.
  2. Not printed.