740.00119 Council/2–2646: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

top secret

1791. Reurtel 719 (Delsec 144) Jan 26. For Dunn, Reinstein and Radius. Dept submits as statement of policy on Danube principles set forth below pursuant to Deptel 914 Jan 26:

  • “1. US should support re-establishment of general principle of freedom of commerce and navigation on Danube River in satellite peace treaties.
  • “2. US should use this policy as to Danube River, in so far as possible, to promote principles of freedom of commerce and navigation in East-Central Europe and to support political independence of peoples of this region.
  • “3. For your own information it is not our intention to seek permanent membership on a Danube Commission, but we should state our position without prejudice to Anglo-French position.
  • “4. US should seek to implement this long-range policy and to support commercial interests of states not represented on the Commission through its position on Economic and Social Council of UNO, which is to coordinate specialized agencies of United Nations, and through UNO itself.
  • “5. In addition to its long-term interest under Paragraph 1 above, US should seek immediately, on ad hoc basis, freedom of navigation on Danube River, either through temporary commission, or through US membership on Allied Control Council, or through direct government-to-government negotiations, in view of its role as occupying power in Austria and Germany.”

While instructions are for US delegation negotiating peace treaties, they are repeated for information to Vienna, Berlin, Budapest and Bucharest.