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USDel (PC) (Journal) 60

The text of the report on the military clauses of the draft treaty with Rumania was provisionally adopted.74 The footnote to the conclusion in the original text was deleted and an insertion made after Article 14 in the report. The insertion was made on a proposal by General Balmer and stated that the resolution, originally proposed by the U.S. Delegation, which stated that the articles on limitations in the Balkan and Finnish treaties should be identical, was accepted unanimously.75

  1. For text of the report, C.P. (Plen) Doc. 18, October 5, see vol. iv, p. 476.
  2. Debate centered around the Soviet Delegate’s contention that article 14 of the Rumanian treaty was based on article 44 of the Italian treaty. General Balmer stated that it was based on article 12 of the Bulgarian treaty. See the United States Delegation Journal accounts of the 14th Meeting, September 11, and the 28th Meeting, September 28, pp. 420 and 584, respectively.