Fifty-first Meeting of the Economic Commission for the Balkans and Finland, 2 p.m.

[Editorial Note—The Commission held its final six meetings (meetings 46–51), on October 7 (two meetings), October 9, October 11, and October 12 (two meetings), to consider the reports on the four Draft Treaties to be submitted to the Plenary Conference. No accounts of these sessions were included in the United States Delegation Journal. United States Delegation Minutes of the 46th Meeting, October 7, indicate that the Commission adopted the report for the Treaty with Rumania suggested by the Rapporteur without making significant changes (CFM Files). No minutes for the Commission’s last five meetings were found in Department files. C.P.(B&F/EC) Docs. 70–73, which contained corrigenda to the draft reports for the treaties other than that for Rumania (based upon modifications decided upon at the final five meetings), also were not found in Department files. The Records of Decisions of these final meetings present no evidence that significant revision of the reports suggested by the Rapporteur occurred (CFM Files).

The reports of the Commission are printed in volume IV: C.P.(Plen) Doc. 29 (for the Treaty with Rumania), page 434; C.P.(Plen) Doc. 31 (for the Treaty with Bulgaria), page 486; C.P.(Plen) Doc. 34 (for the Treaty with Hungary), page 535; and C.P.(Plen) Doc. 39 (for the Treaty with Finland), page 573.]