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Terms of Reference of the Commission To Investigate Rectification of the Franco-Italian Boundary in the Upper Roya Valley 78

C.F.M.(46) 15
The Commission will carry out investigations in the villages of Tenda and Briga and in the Upper Roya valley as claimed by France in the French Delegation’s memorandum of the 4th February, 1946 [Page 176] (C.F.M. (D) (46) 15 rectification no 4),79 in order to determine the sentiments of the inhabitants and the language spoken.
To secure the necessary information, the Commission shall invite any local inhabitants who may be able to supply such information.
Questions will be put by the Chairman in the name of the Commission and any member of the Commission may ask any supplementary questions or request the members of his delegation to ask them.
The Commission will also visit the hydro-electric plants in the area and study the economic importance of these plants to the neighbouring areas of France and Italy.
The Commission will not take the initiative to invite any representative of the Italian government to express views on the above questions, but should such views be presented, the Commission may take note of them.
The Commission should return to Paris not later than Saturday May 4th and submit their report and recommendations as soon as possible.
  1. These terms of reference were approved by the Council of Foreign Ministers at their Fourth Meeting, April 29, 1946, 4 p.m.; see the United States Delegation Record of that meeting, p. 153, and the Record of Decisions, supra.
  2. Ante, p. 10.