760C.60H/4–2946: Telegram

The Ambassador in Poland ( Lane ) to the Secretary of State, at Paris 80


88. For the Secretary. When I called on Acting Foreign Minister Modzelewski today in connection with other matters he requested me to inform you by telegraph of recent developments in relations between Poland and Czechoslovakia.

He said that a few days ago Polish Govt had learned through the press of decision of Czech Govt, in event that question of German frontiers is to be discussed at meeting of Foreign Ministers in Paris, to make a claim for territory in southwestern part of Poland which had been allocated administratively to Poland by Potsdam Conference in 1945. Modzelewski said that on hearing of Czech decision and in absence of being notified formally by Czech Govt he had instructed Polish Chargé at Praha to make inquiries of Mr. Masaryk who had confirmed information published.

Modzelewski said that, in view of official confirmation from Czech Govt, he had made speech at KRN (National Council of Homeland) April 28 to the effect that Poland regards Czech action as “unfriendly act”. Modzelewski said that notes have now been addressed to US, British, French and Soviet Govts protesting in event that German [Page 177] frontiers are to be discussed at Paris, regarding consideration of Czech action which he emphasized is contrary to Decision of Potsdam Conference. He said that Polish Govt had not wished further to disturb international situation which, according to him, is sufficiently disturbed at present, by raising Polish-Czech difficulties at this time. He said that position of Polish Govt is that frontier question between Poland and Czechoslovakia can be settled by direct negotiation between two countries but in view of Czech action in referring this matter to meeting of ForMins Poland has no alternative other than to present its point of view also.

Except in indicating that I would notify you at once of his observations, I made no comment.

Sent to Paris for Secretary of State as 88, repeated to Dept as 597, to London as 95, to Praha as 30, to Moscow as 83, April 29.

  1. Sent on the same date to the Department as telegram 597; received April 30, 2:25 p.m.