740.0011 P.W./6–845

Memorandum by the Acting Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Lockhart) to the Under Secretary of State (Grew)

The attached message addressed to you by “Ruth” in Thailand86 has just been received. This message is in reply to your message to “Ruth” of May 28, 1945.

This message on the whole appears to be entirely satisfactory. It is to be noted that “Ruth” reaffirms his intention to do all in his power to conform with Allied wishes; that he will keep this Government and the British Government informed of developments; that he explains the need for a change in government as a constitutional procedure [Page 1271] and a political act designed to facilitate a radical change in the official position of the government from one of apparent cooperation with the Japanese to one of open opposition; that such a change would necessarily follow a major breach between the Japs and the Thai; and that necessary precautionary measures will be taken to assure the existence of a pro-Allied government in Thai territory if and when the clash with the Japanese occurs.

It will be recalled (reference to FE’s memorandum to you May 31, 194587 on the British reaction to “Ruth’s” recent message) that “Ruth” informed the British of the intention of the Thai Government to loan the Japanese 50,000,000 baht and of the Thai belief that this loan of fifty percent of the amount asked by the Japanese will satisfy the Japs at least for the time being.

The exact meaning of the penultimate sentence of the message is not clear, probably owing to garbles and omissions. However, in the light of “Ruth’s” message to Mountbatten and the balance of the attached message, it is not believed necessary to seek clarification of this one sentence.

Frank P. Lockhart

[For the Department’s estimate of conditions in Thailand at the end of the war and a statement of United States policy in regard to that country, see Policy Paper of June 22, section VI, page 568.]

  1. Dated June 7, not printed.
  2. Memorandum of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs, not printed.