Memorandum by the Secretary of the Navy ( Forrestal ) and the Secretary of War ( Patterson ) to the Secretary of State

This replies to your letter of September 4, 1945, inquiring whether preliminary or final negotiations for U. S. military base requirements should now be initiated.

We are advised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that they will not be in a position to recommend definitive requirements for specific base sites and other military rights which must finally be negotiated with the Philippine Government until completion of on-the-spot surveys now in progress and detailed study of the results of these surveys. Action has been taken to expedite the completion of these surveys and studies and the submission of an integrated report.

Pending receipt of the information indicated above, we believe that the agreement reached between President Truman and President Osmeña on 14 May 1945 adequately safeguards U. S. Military interests during this interim period, and accordingly conclude that the time is not yet opportune for entering into negotiations on the question of Philippine bases beyond those contained in the agreement.

Robert P. Patterson