The Consul General at Manila ( Steintorf ) to the Secretary of State

No. 313

Sir: I have the honor to submit with this despatch a statement32 as quoted in the Manila Courier of August 23, 1945 by General MacArthur in connection with his order that effective September 1 USAFP (United States Army Forces, Pacific) will discontinue participation [Page 1202] in the civil administration of the Philippines because it is no longer necessary.

The statement explains that General MacArthur has taken this action “in view of the fact that the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the Commonwealth government are now completely reestablished and functioning smoothly”. The Consulate General believes that a superficial reading of the statement might lead to the impression that conditions in the Philippines are much better than they actually are. The Department may wish to consider the statement in connection with reports from the Consulate General on subjects with which the statement is concerned.

Respectfully yours,

Paul P. Steintorf

[On September 6, 1945, President Truman nominated Paul V. McNutt as United States High Commissioner to the Philippines. The Senate confirmed the nomination on September 14. The same day, the President defined the responsibilities and functions of the High Commissioner in Executive Order No. 9816, Department of State Bulletin, September 16, 1945, page 393. For an account of the activities of the Office of the High Commissioner from September 14, 1945, to July 4, 1946, see Seventh and Final Report of the High Commissioner to the Philippines, House Document No. 389, 80th Congress, 1st session.]

  1. Not printed; it followed a statement made by General MacArthur on July 4, 1945, that “the entire Philippine Islands are now liberated and the Philippine campaigns can be regarded as virtually closed. Some minor isolated action of a guerrilla nature in the practically uninhabited mountain ranges may occasionally persist but this great land mass … is now freed of the invader.” A copy of this statement, as printed in the local press, was transmitted to the Department by the Consul General at Manila in despatch 157, July 5. (740.00119 PW/7–545)