740.00119 Control (Korea)/11–545: Telegram

General of the Army Douglas MacArthur to the Chief of Staff ( Marshall )

CA 54311. Following radio from ComGen XXIV Corps has been received:

“The presence of Doctor Syngman Rhee in Korea appears to be having favorable influence toward consolidation of various political parties and toward coalition of ideas. The primary wish of all Koreans is to be independent and have self rule which is also helping in coalition. Kim Koo is believed to have been cleared for movement to Korea. Upon his arrival,19 he is expected to cooperate with Dr. Rhee in further consolidation. I plan to utilize the services of Dr. Rhee and Kim Koo to help screen additional Koreans to be brought to Korea, to get public support fully behind the economic rehabilitation plans of the current Military Government and to establish a representative and expanded coalition advisory council to aid in renovating Government machinery and placing suitable and representative Koreans in responsible Government positions both as working members and as titular heads below the top of the Central Government. If this can be done effectively, it is believed that a titular AIB Korean Administration satisfactory to most Koreans can be established under our supervision for trial and be followed after reasonable time be [by] selection of a popular government by general plebiscite.

“This line of action can be expanded at any stage to include Korean territory not now under United States occupation provided it is released. However, it is pointed out that this command does not have a current or projected strength to take over control of additional territory under current or expected conditions.”

  1. In an unnumbered telegram, December 1, the Acting Political Adviser in Korea reported that Kim Koo and a party of 13 arrived at Seoul on November 23 (740.00119 Control (Korea)/12–145).