895.01/9–1245: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

1573. According to press report in Chung Yang Jih Pao September 11 under Seoul dateline September 9, the “new Republican Committee of the Korean Government” was formally inaugurated September 6; 87 councilors were reported elected by more than 1,000 delegates from various places in Korea; councilors included Chin Chiu (Kim Koo), President of Korean Provisional Government, and others.

A representative of Korean Provisional Government called at Embassy September 11 and expressed hope that our army would fly to Korea from Chungking a group of Korean Provisional Government leaders, possibly 10, for conferences with other Korean leaders. He [Page 1046] said he was aware of American Government’s policy regarding Korean groups, but he felt it would be only fair if Korean Provisional Government had opportunity to proceed to Korea to take part in formation of a new Korean Government. He was asked whether Chinese authorities had been approached for transportation; he said this had been done and Chinese stated air transport was controlled by American authorities. In reply to inquiry concerning what Chinese authorities had been approached, he said his organization usually dealt with Chen Li-fu, Chen Kuo-fu60 and Wu Teh-chen61 who he understood had been designated by Generalissimo several years ago to deal with Korean Provisional Government.62

Representative was informed his request for air transportation to Korea would be communicated to State Department.

Representative appeared much concerned over political activities in that part of Korea occupied by Soviet forces.

Sent to Department; repeated Moscow.

  1. Members of the Kuomintang Central Executive Committee.
  2. Secretary-General of the Kuomintang Central Executive Committee.
  3. In telegram 1605, September 17, 9 a.m., Ambassador Hurley cited Central News Agency reports and editorials in the local press which indicated that the Chinese would welcome the early “return” of the Korean Provisional Government to Korea (895.01/9–1745).