740.00119 PW/12–2145

Memorandum by President Truman to the Secretary of State

Suggest that Conference be held between State, War and Ambassador Pauley for the purpose of definitely informing General MacArthur exactly what our reparation policy will be.

I approve Ambassador Pauley’s report and it should be implemented as soon as the necessary details can be worked out.70

H[arry] S. T[ruman]
  1. On December 27 the Department transmitted President Truman’s memorandum to the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and stated: “In order to meet the President’s wishes it is suggested that Ambassador Pauley be invited to attend the meeting of the Coordinating Committee at which the report on SWNCC 236/2/D is considered and that the Subcommittee for the Far East be instructed to expedite its consideration of this matter.” (740.00119 PW/12–2145)

    SWNCC 236/2/D, dated December 21, contained Mr. Pauley’s report of December 18 to President Truman; for text of this report, see Edwin W. Pauley, Report to the President of the United States, Reference 1–a.