740.00116 PW/9–945: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

1559. Department’s 1397, September 5.19 Before reorganization Chinese National Office in June, slow progress was made by Chungking Sub-Commission, but since then National Office has been functioning efficiently and listing of war criminals by Sub-Commission now proceeding rapidly. First war criminals were listed July 27 and to date 342 persons named. At 11th meeting Sub-Commission September 7 there were listed 82 Japanese war criminals holding key positions, all Generals or Lieutenant Generals, including such notorious characters as Yamashita, Homma, Doihara, Terauchi, Matsui, and Honjo.

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Ordinary cases are filed by National Office with Sub-Committee on facts and evidence which after examination presents them to Sub-Commission. Key criminals presented by National Office directly to Sub-Commission for final action. So far only nation filing cases with Sub-Commission is China.

Dutch and Australian members of Sub-Commission are prone to quibble over minor details, thus to some extent handicapping Chinese National Office.

Secretary General of Sub-Commission recently informed Smyth20 confidentially that Chinese appreciated very much helpful and cooperative attitude of American members and assistants (Major West has given much time and advice to National Office) in contrast to carpingly critical attitude of some foreign members.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Robert L. Smyth, Counselor of Embassy in China.