740.00116 PW/8–1645: Telegram

The Chief of Staff (Marshall) to the Commander in Chief, Army Forces, Pacific (MacArthur), at Manila

50368. Reference urad98 C 33573 dated 14 August 1945 signed Warcos.99 Directive to you as Supreme Commander in Japan for Allied Powers covering war crimes now being prepared and will be forwarded soonest. Pending receipt, you may continue to be guided by section IV of annex A to appendix B of JCS 1023 on apprehension and detention war criminals.1

  1. Your radiogram.
  2. War Department, Chief of Staff; radiogram not found in Department files.
  3. For directive on the identification and apprehension of persons suspected of war crimes or other offenses and trial of certain offenders, despatched to the Commander in Chief, United States Forces of Occupation in Germany, in July, see Conference of Berlin (Potsdam), vol. i, p. 580.