740.00119 PW/8–1345: Telegram

The Minister in New Zealand (Patton) to the Secretary of State

401. 1. Legation informed by officer of Deputy of External Affairs that viewpoint of Department on surrender terms imposed on Japan is that commitments should not be made which would perpetuate Emperor in power but that whole structure of feudalism of which throne is capstone should be eradicated.

2. This official declared that British interest in Pacific extended primarily to recovery of prewar colonies with no desire to assume heavy military commitments in postwar control of Japan. Consequently British approve retention of Emperor as easy solution.

3. Secretary of External Affairs, while expressing appreciation of [Page 647] his Department’s views as stated in paragraph 1, said that he personally unconvinced that elimination of Emperor will provide proper solution.

4. Other contacts seem to confirm that general attitude in New Zealand is opposition to retention of Emperor.