SWNCC 21 Series

Draft Report by the Chairman of the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee (Dunn)

Report by Mr. Dunn at approximately 6:30 p.m. respecting his and Mr. McCloy’s interview with Mr. Byrnes, 12 August 1945:

Mr. Dunn stated that Mr. Forrestal70 and Mr. Byrnes had had a discussion previous to Mr. McCloy’s and Mr. Dunn’s arrival in Mr. Byrnes’ office and that Mr. Byrnes was going to talk to the President in regard to the matter. Mr. Dunn and Mr. McCloy discussed the various alternatives with Mr. Byrnes, and the matter was argued back and forth. Mr. Dunn stated that those at the meeting would be advised later during the evening of the decision respecting the role Admiral Nimitz71 would play in the acceptance of the surrender.

Mr. Dunn also stated that Mr. Byrnes has approved the operational line in the Kuriles for use by Admiral Nimitz as a surrender line (this [Page 644] line runs through Onnekotan Sts. which is just S of Paramushiru). Mr. Dunn stated, however, that he would check up with Mr. Harriman respecting whether any agreements on an airbase had been made by him and also that he would request Mr. Byrnes to check with Mr. Hopkins72 in regard to the matter. Mr. Dunn requested that Admiral Nimitz be directed to pick up the operational line in the surrender, and Mr. McCloy requested that Admiral Gardner73 be told to get out preliminary orders to Admiral Nimitz respecting this matter as well as the island that we want for an airbase.

  1. James V. Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy.
  2. Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas.
  3. Harry L. Hopkins, Special Assistant to President Truman.
  4. Rear Adm. M. B. Gardner, Headquarters of the Commander in Chief, United States Fleet.