740.00119 PW/12–945

Representative Bertrand W. Gearhart, of California, to the Acting Secretary of State

My Dear Dean Acheson: With further reference to our correspondence of September 23rd and October 1st, 1945, respectively, (JA 740.00119 PW/9–2345)24 I am writing to inquire if your search [Page 496] of the records of the Department of which you inform me has revealed anything that could be said to have thrown some light on the origin of the report of a Japanese peace offer prior to August 10th, 1945 of which I have heard rumors.

It may be that I narrowed my inquiry unnecessarily when I specified that the peace offer was transmitted by General MacArthur and was received just prior to the Yalta Conference. What I really want to ascertain is whether or not any peace offer or any statement looking toward peace was transmitted to the President by the Japanese prior to August 10th, 1945?

Did not President Truman carry something with him to Potsdam which might be regarded as a Japanese peace offer?

Because of the interesting relations that a peace offer or a statement looking toward peace present, oral or in writing, the hearings which are now being conducted by the Joint Committee on the Pearl Harbor attack are very important and I would appreciate it very much indeed if you would let me hear from you at the earliest possible moment in respect to anything related to the subject I am now discussing.

Trusting I am not imposing in addressing you in this intimate fashion and with kindest personal regards, believe me to be, my dear Dean Acheson,

Faithfully and sincerely,

Bertrand W. Gearhart
  1. Neither printed.