740.00119 P.W./7–1845

Memorandum by the Director of the Office of Strategic Services ( Donovan ) to the Secretary of State

The following information, transmitted by Mr. Allen Dulles, Chief of the OSS mission in Wiesbaden, on 18 July, is a sequel to previous memoranda dated 13 and 16 July concerning a Japanese attempt to approach Allied authorities through OSS representatives:

Mr. Dulles has been informed by OSS representatives in Switzerland that Yoshimura and Kojiro Kitamura, Japanese officials in the [Page 492] Bank for International Settlements, were scheduled to confer at once with Brigadier General Kiyotomi Okamoto at Zurich, and immediately thereafter to cable Tokyo. [Okamoto is a former Japanese military attaché in Bern, now believed to be chief of Japanese Intelligence in Europe.]20

(Mr. Dulles believes that for the next few days important developments in this matter are not likely, but that a line is being opened which the Japanese may use when the situation in Tokyo permits Japan to accept unconditional surrender.)

William J. Donovan
  1. Brackets appear in the original.