740.00119 P.W./4–745: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

1313. Acting Secretary General of Foreign Office, Mr. Assarsson, informed me this p.m. that information conveyed by von Post and reported in my 1288, April 6, 5 p.m., represented views expressed to Swedish Minister Bagge in Tokyo by “Jap officials of very high rank”.95 It is Foreign Office opinion although Bagge did not say so that these views were intentionally given to Bagge in expectation they would come to attention of United States and British Governments. Bagge’s report was received 2 days before Russian denunciation of the neutrality pact with Japan.96

  1. For conversations prior to April 7 between Mr. Bagge and the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mamoru Shigemitsu, see Mr. Bagge’s affidavit, International Military Tribunal for the Far East, Record of Proceedings Dec. 3–4, 1947, Tokyo, pp. 34561–34562.
  2. Soviet denunciation took place on April 5; see Department of State Bulletin, April 29, 1945, p. 811.