740.00117 P.W./5–2645

Memorandum by the State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee to the Secretary of State

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have considered your letter dated April 17, 1945, SWP 740.00117 P.W./3–345,48 with which was forwarded for [Page 453] our consideration a further note from the Japanese Government, set forth in an enclosed memorandum dated March 3, 1945, from the Spanish Embassy, concerning an alleged attack on the Japanese hospital ship Buenos Aires Maru. It is noted that you wish our comments on this matter for use in the event an answer to the Japanese Government is deemed appropriate.

It is the opinion of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that whether a reply to the latest Japanese note should be made by this government is primarily a question for decision by your department. If a further reply, however, is made,49 it is believed that it should reaffirm the position already taken by this government, while again expressing this government’s regrets and emphasizing that all possible steps are taken to prevent attacks on hospital ships by the armed forces of this government.

The Secretaries of War and the Navy concur in the above views of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

For the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee:
H. Freeman Matthews

Acting Chairman
  1. Letters to the Secretaries of War and Navy, not printed.
  2. No further reply found in Department files.