740.00115 PW/9–645

The Department of State to the Swiss Legation


The Department of State refers to a memorandum dated September 6, 1945, with enclosure, from the Legation of Switzerland25 in charge of Japanese interests in the United States except the Territory of Hawaii, concerning the situation of certain Japanese nationals resident at War Relocation Centers who desire to be repatriated to Japan at an early date. The communication from the Legation points out that the question uppermost in the minds of many Japanese nationals desiring repatriation is to ascertain what arrangements have been made to take care of them and their families until such time as their repatriation is possible.

The Legation is informed that the United States authorities are giving active consideration to the possibility of arranging for the early repatriation to Japan of Japanese nationals desiring repatriation. In the meantime and in view of the cessation of hostilities, arrangements are being made to enable Japanese nationals who have been resident at Relocation Centers to move from them and live in complete freedom. The United States Government cannot assume responsibility for the care of Japanese nationals until their repatriation merely because they do not wish to remain in the United States.

  1. Not printed.