711.94115 Exchange/3–2645: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland ( Harrison ) to the Secretary of State

1795. American Interests—Japan—Civilian Exchange. Department’s 286, January 18.88

Swiss note March 24 states that during recent conversation with Secretary, Foreign Interests Section of Japanese Foreign Office, Gorgé insisted that Japan reply to proposals of American Government. Gorgé stresses that it was not possible during conversation to obtain positive statement but that spokesman once again confirmed that competent Japanese authorities will not neglect the problem and expressed the hope that decision will soon be made on the basis of one of American proposals, envisaging use of neutral vessel which would be taken over at designated port by Japanese crew. Japanese official added that possibility of using vessel of small tonnage which would have proceeded to Goa had long been contemplated but finally abandoned because vessel was no longer available. Gorgé’s informant finally stated that Japanese authorities were especially examining possibility of effecting a second British exchange which should precede another American exchange because only one British exchange thus far concluded. Gorgé reports that his discussion had been difficult because Japanese officials constantly alleged that solely military authorities were competent.

  1. Not printed; but for summary, see footnote 86, p. 419.