740.00115 PW/11–2945: Airgram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

A–1240. American Interests—China. Swiss Foreign Office note, November 28, transmits following information received from Swiss Consulate General Shanghai concerning disposition of relief supplies destined civilian internee camps in China.

Swiss Consulate Shanghai made agreement with British, American and Netherlands representatives and gave all its supplies estimated CRB $2,240,000,000 to British Consulate General. Latter took necessary steps to have supplies distributed through British Red Cross.

Accordingly Swiss Consulate General credited American Interests Account with portion which had been charged against American Government at time stocks were constituted.

Swiss Consulate General adds relief payments in Shanghai region resumed by British, American and Netherlands Consulates beginning with October. It has, however, no definite information regarding out-ports. It assumes relief payments will still have to be made by its representatives for October and November.