711.94114 Supplies/9–1345: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Acting Political Adviser in Japan (Atcheson)

16. In Nov 1944 Jap Govt employing Hakusan Maru picked up at Nakhodka approx 2,000 tons relief supplies sent from US for Allied nationals in Jap custody. On return to Japan some supplies offloaded Rashin. Remainder of cargo allocated for camps Japan, North China, and southern areas. Supplies for North China camps [Page 417] transported to Shanghai and Tsingtao in Hosi Maru. Supplies for southern camps forwarded in Awa Maru which was to off-load supplies at Formosa, Hong Kong, Indo-China, Sumatra, and Java.

In arranging with Jap Govt for this operation US Govt agreed pay all transportation and distribution costs.80

Prior to Jap surrender three requests for reimbursement were received totaling approx $153,000. Payment was authorized through Swiss Govt. Subsequent to surrender two claims have been received totaling approx $135,000.81 Payment of latter two items has not yet been made.

It is desired that Jap Govt be instructed by the Allied Supreme Command to submit immediately final and detailed summary of all expenses claimed to have been incurred in connection this operation including those for which payment has already been made. Lump sum statements heretofore rendered are not satisfactory. Summary should include statement that it is definitive and that no further claims will be presented.

If question raised by Japs, it should be stated that this inquiry has no reference to claims arising from Awa Maru disaster. That matter will be considered subsequently.

No commitment should be made as regards settlement these claims. For your info it has not yet been decided whether payment these claims will be made directly or whether claims will be considered in connection with reparations.

  1. See telegram 3582, October 20, 1944, to Bern, Foreign Relations, 1944, vol. v, p. 1062.
  2. In airgram A–1126, October 4, the Chargé in Switzerland reported two further Japanese requests for reimbursement totaling 48,618.48 yen. The airgram was received October 12. (711.94114 Supplies/10–445)