711.94114A/7–2145: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

3644. Am[erican] Interests—Japan. Legation’s 3393, July 2. FonOff note July 19 states Jap FonOff gave following info Gorgé concerning suspension relief.

[Page 415]
Financial assistance must cease all POW camps including metropolitan Japan, Thailand and all CI77 camps under military control within regions occupied Jap troops.78
Relief requests in suspense no longer subject consideration.

Following this reply Gorgé made pressing request Jap Govt authorize new dispatch relief either by Red Cross vessel or by Nakhodka.

  1. Civilian internee.
  2. Clarification of the Japanese decision was made by the Minister in Switzerland in despatch 12421, August 27; it stated: “Minister Gorgé has informed the Swiss Foreign Office that the Japanese Government refuses to authorize any financial action in favor of prisoners of war and internees under military control” and “that all civilian internee camps are under military control except camps In Metropolitan Japan, Manchukuo and Shanghai (with the exception as regards Shanghai of that at Haiphong Road)”. (711.94114A/8–2745)