711.94114A/7–245: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

3393. Am[erican] Interests—Japan. Substance FonOff note June 29 follows:

During discussion June 16 between Gorgé and Suzuki latter stated financial relief POWs and civilian internees territory occupied by Jap was no longer possible.

Actually camp commanders all declared now impossible accept sums for individual periodic relief for purchase necessities because actually nothing available on free market. In rare cases only possible at detriment civil population.

Gorgé states regard foregoing that impossibility to purchase supplementary necessities confirmed to him by POWs.

Suzuki added Jap disposed examine possibility send relief in particular cases citing as example Christmas. Possible also consider assuring feeding more permanent manner [for] example through purchase heads beef. Gorgé remarked to Suzuki that if really impossible purchase anything transmission of considerable relief in effect useless. Simultaneously he emphasized obligation Jap make special effort [Page 412] assure sufficient food POWs and civilian internees. Suzuki replied Jap would do all possible.