711.94114 Supplies/4–1145: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

2125. American Interests—Far East—Relief supplies. Legation’s 6916, October 18,63 Point Sexto. Swiss note April 9 states Swiss Legation Tokyo telegraphed April 5th as follows regarding transport of relief parcels and mail to Allied POWs in Japanese hands:

According communication from Japanese Foreign Office, Soviet Government recently informed Japanese Government that it would authorize a Japanese vessel to enter port of Nakhodka to load relief supplies under conditions similar to those for the last transport. Japanese Government has therefore decided to send vessel Awa Maru upon its return (Legation’s note: Please see Legation’s 1903, March 3164) and to proceed with distribution of relief to prisoners of war and internees in the south and other areas under the following conditions.

Japan will assure the transport from Nakhodka under the same conditions as those for transport on the Hakusan Maru of approximately 2,200 tons of mail and relief supplies stored or to be stored shortly on Soviet territory.
The United States will grant safe conduct for the Awa Maru as formerly for the Hakusan Maru and it will obtain assurances of safe conduct of all interested countries including Russia.
The United States will similarly give safe conduct for the Awa Maru for the transport of relief supplies to China and to the southern area as previously for the Hosi Maru and Awa Maru.
Japan will communicate to the Swiss Legation within the period desired by the United States the route, schedule, departure and characteristics of Awa Maru.

Swiss Legation Tokyo adds that Japan prepared dispatch Awa Maru to Nakhodka middle of April.65

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