740.00119 Control (Italy)/8–2145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State

2403. Chief Commissioner sent following telegram yesterday to AFHQ (Allied Force Headquarters).

(Begin paraphrase) I informed Prime Minister Parri this morning that instead of Sept 1 which he and I had discussed previously I had recommended that the Northern Provinces be turned back to Italian administration on Sept 15 (see Embassy’s 2379, Aug 17). Postponement to Sept 15 did not meet with any objection. However in strongest terms he urged that Udine Province be returned with other provinces of North Italy. While appreciating Allied military requirements he feels that sufficient authority could be left to Military Commander to protect adequately Allied lines of communication. Parri was informed that we would state publicly that Udine Province would be returned to Italians Dec. 1 in any announcement forthcoming on handback of other provinces in north. However, I said I would submit his views to SAC (Supreme Allied Commander).

Re Dept’s 1303, Aug. 3. In my opinion return of Udine on same date as other provinces would be undoubtedly politically desirable. However whether political factors should overrule military is problem I cannot determine. (End of paraphrase)