740.0011 PW/7–1445

The Italian Ambassador (Tarchiani) to the Acting Secretary of State

The Italian Ambassador presents his compliments to the Honorable the Acting Secretary of State and, with reference to the note of the Department of State dated June 16, 194519 and to subsequent conversations, as well as confirming his verbal communication of yesterday, July 13, has the honor to bring to his knowledge, in accordance with instructions received by his Government, the following.

The Italian Government have sent yesterday, July 13, telegraphic directions to their Minister in Stockholm instructing him to approach the Swedish Government, which are in charge of Italian interests in Japan, and to ask them to notify the Japanese Government that Italy will enter into war against Japan on the 15 July 1945.

On the same day, the Italian Government will issue an official communiqué announcing the Italian declaration of war on Japan, which will be kept secret until then.

The Ambassador has been directed to communicate to the Government of the United States that the Italian Nation, by joining the struggle against the Japanese aggressor in the Far East, want to extend to this conflict the same full solidarity with the United Nations—and particularly with the United States of America—that the Italian people have already shown in the war against the common enemy in Europe.

The Ambassador has also been instructed to point out that Italy, in spite of her present plight, reaffirms her will to take an active part with her armed forces in the conflict for justice and democracy.

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The Italian people are confident that the American Nation will greet their decision and interpret it in the same spirit of friendship with which it is being taken.

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