740.0011 PW/6–1445: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)

1304. Our 1039, May 9,9 London’s 198, June 13.10 After consulting your Brit colleague inform Soviet Government we intend replying to request of Italian Govt substantially as follows:

“US Govt would welcome declaration of war on Japan by Ital Govt. It is, of course, understood that such declaration of war would entail no commitment on part of Allied Govts to allocate Allied resources or shipping to Italy for prosecution of hostilities against Japan.”

Brit Govt being informed of this instruction to you with request its Embassy Moscow support it. Similar communications are being made to French Govt. For your info we intend on Saturday11 to send reply to Ital Embassy and instruct Rome to inform Advisory Council for Italy.

Sent Moscow as 1304, rptd Rome as 994.

  1. Same as telegram 3632 to London, p. 958.
  2. Same as telegram 5982, supra.
  3. June 16.